Student Allocation Funding

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Prize Acknowledgement Form (This form is used if a RSO received funding for prizes that will be distritbuted at an event.  Recipients must sign for those prizes.)

Student Allocation Funding has moved to electronic submission through UNA OrgSync.  Proposals for fall semester may be submitting starting September 1.  Proposals for spring and semester may be submitted starting November 1. Proposals for Summer may be submitted from March 1 until the Friday before Study Day.  All SGA Budget Oversight Committee meetings are on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Engagement Center Conference Room. Proposals are due Friday by 4:30 p.m. prior to the meeting. You must allow 4 committee meetings minimum prior to your event for the proposal to be considered. 

Student Government Association (SGA) Budget Oversight Committee

The SGA Budget Oversight Committee will review funding proposals that are submitted through UNA OrgSync. The SGA Budget Oversight Committee is made up of four senators plus a faculty member. 


The Student Government Association voted in April 2007 to implement the Student Allocation Funding process to respond to the needs of the recognized student organizations (RSOs) and enable these groups to develop programming based on the educational mission of the University as outlined in the University Catalog and Student Handbook. The money generated from the student activity fee will be split with 60% allocated to the University Program Council and 40% allocated to the Student Allocation Committee for the 2007-2008 academic year. Beginning October 1, 2007, RSOs were able to apply for funding through the Student Allocation Committee.

As of Fall 2014, SGA changed the distribution of the student activity fee as outlined below. 

  • $2 is allocated to the Game Room
  • Remainder is split as follows:  44% University Program Council, 44% Student Allocation Funding, 9% Leadership and Volunteerism, 3% Miss UNA Pageant

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Student Allocation Review Board

This Student Allocation Review Board will review policies, procedures, and end of the year budget reports to ensure that the student activity funding is being used effectively and efficiently for student programming and development as aligned with the mission of the University. The Board will facilitate the selection process for the Student Allocation Committee. This review board will also review requests for appeal and determine if an appeal is warranted. If an appeal is granted, the board will make a decision on the funding. The board will be comprised of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Director of Student Engagement, Student Government Association President, SGA Senator, and SGA University Program Council Delegate.


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