History of Miss UNA


The Miss UNA Scholarship Pageant, a Miss Alabama preliminary, has a rich and long-standing history. For over 40 years, the intelligent and talented women shown below have worn the crown proudly as they represented the university.  

In 2014, MIss UNA Celebrated 40 Years at the University of North Alabama.  With three MIss Alabama titles among the winners of Miss UNA over the decades, Miss UNA remains to be a proud tradition of the University and the Shoals Community.  

The 1970s was the strongest decade for the pageant with back to back titles of Miss Alabama in 1974 and 1975.  Many people believe there were three back to back to back Miss UNAs who won the Miss Alabama title because of the picture of three Miss Alabama title holders hanging in Norton Auditorium.  According to the Times Daily archives, Denise Davis won the title of Miss Alabama in 1976 and then enrolled in the University of North Alabama immediately after she completed her year of service.  

Pam Battles marked the end of an era for University of North Alabama students claiming the title of Miss Alabama. While competition was still strong in the mid 1980s, as evidenced by multiple UNA students appearing at the State Pageant, no one attained the title.  

In 1987, the Miss UNA pageant was hosted independent of the Miss Alabama pageant, for reasons lost to time, but in the 1990s, the pageant once again became an official preliminary to the Miss Alabama pageant anticipating the day that Miss UNA once again claims the title as Miss Alabama.  

Miss UNA 2007, Colene Burns, brought much excitement to the pageant when she placed as first alternate at Miss Alabama.  With ups and downs and changes on campus, the Miss UNA Pageant has had ups and downs too, but the competition has only gotten stronger and stronger in recent years.  This is evidenced by the fact that 6 young ladies from the University of North Alabama, 5 of which have competed in the Miss UNA pageant, will be representing the University of North Alabama at Miss Alabama in 2014.  

We are so proud of all of you!  


Former Miss UNAs: