NPHC Membership Intake

Undergraduate students who wish to affiliate with NPHC chapters must meet specific membership qualifications. These standards include academic achievement (2.3 - 2.8 GPA depending upon the organization), college credit hours (12-24 hours depending upon the organization), community service and good character. Such requirements are designed to promote the building of strong and effective chapters. Each affiliate organization shall implement its own membership intake process. To learn more about NPHC organizations, interested students are encouraged to research their individual chapter websites.
The NPHC chapters on UNA’s campus have a history of almost three decades and seek to continue the traditions of excellence and involvement with campus life.
NPHC chapters will advertise their membership intake process through fliers labeled "Interest Meeting, Informational, Rush Tea, or Meet N' Greet", which all students are welcome to attend to express interest in and learn more about an organization.