University of North Alabama fraternities and sororities are, rich in history and tradition, dedicated to the betterment of all individuals who come in contact with us, and will strive for excellence in all aspects of fraternity and sorority life. The privileges and obligations of membership, taken under oath through historic and secret rituals, bind us to our respective chapters and the greater Greek community. We are committed to the following core values.

To generate a genuine concern for mankind through civic engagement, community relations, service and philanthropic outreach, and personal and organizational accountability.


To provide an inter-fraternal family of caring brothers and sisters, welcoming and respectful of all who seek life-long unity.


To maximize the potential of the community through self governance, collaboration, role modeling, risk management and ethical decision making.


Personal Growth
To contribute to the self-development of each member through ritual, maintenance of values, co-curricular involvement, career preparation and healthy lifestyle choices.


To promote intellectual growth and academic excellence through the recruitment of high quality students, scholastic programming, educational support, and recognition opportunities.