Continuous Open Bidding (Informal Recruitment)

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is an informal recruitment process that sororities use throughout the year when formal recruitment is not happening.

Here are a few things to note about Continuous Open Bidding:

  • It's very casual and unstructured. Sororities host their specific events on their own scheule, which is not regulated by GreekLife.
  • Not every sorority participates. Sororities may only openly recruit if they have space available in there membership. There is a total number of women in the chapters, and if the chapter is at total, there will no open spots, and no open bidding.
  • Chapters seek out women through their members. If a chapter has available spots for membership, they will likely be hosting events and marketing those to their peers on their own. So be on the look for them.
  • There is no set schedule. The sororities plan their events on their own schedule that may or may not be parallel to another sorority's schedule.
  • Continuous Open Bidding is a great way to find out about Sorority Life and become involved with Greek Life if you happened to miss out on the formal recruitment process.

If you are interested in a particular sorority, be intentional with some of their members and get to know them. This behavior will communicate that you are interested in membership and will likely get your foot in the foor for an open bid, however, there is no guarentee.

The best way to get to know Greek Life, is to spend time with its members.

Please be advised that COB is different from spring formal recruitment and that sending in a COB interest sheet does not register you for formal recruitment.  Completing a COB Interest Form simply declares your interest in the COB process to the UNA NPC sororities and allows the Greek Life Office to verify that you meet the university's minimum requirements and release that information to the sororities.

The COB Interest Form does not carry over each semester so you must complete a new one each semester if you wish to stay on the list.

Click here for Continuous Open Bidding Form


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Continuous Open Bidding (COB)?
Continuous Open Bidding is a very informal process that sororities use to take in new members. Unlike formal recruitment, there are no silence rules, no long days of going from party to party, or complicated invitation acceptances. When a sorority holds COB, they simply contact a potential new member on their own and hold a series of informal events to get to know her better. Each chapter does it differently. Some might go to dinner with a potential member. Some chapters might hold a 'board game night' in the chapter room and invite potential members to attend. The one thing these parties do have in common is that they are a great way to casually meet people and they are always fun.

When is it held?
COB happens continuously besides school breaks and formal recruitment.

Who is eligible?
All women who are full-time UNA students are eligible to participate as long as they meet 3 conditions...  (1) they must have never been initiated into a National Panhellenic Conference sorority before; (2) they must not have received a bid during the most recent formal membership recruitment in January and later turned it down (unless it was from the same sorority you are interested in joining). (3) You must be a full time UNA student.

Where is COB held?
COB events are held wherever the chapter chooses. They may plan a small dinner with some potential members and a few sisters at someone's apartment or a restaurant or they may choose to go watch a basketball game together. They might have an event in their chapter room. The location of the event is not important, as long as the event is alcohol free and men are not present.

Which sororities have COB?
There is really no way to tell. Some sororities find themselves eligible and do not have it, others will have it as soon as they have room for one person. Some sororities will have it one year and not the next. If you want to be a sorority member, putting your name in the COB mix is a great way to get involved.

How will sororities decide who they will invite?
There are several ways sororities might get names. They already have the registration materials of everyone who participated in recruitment from the previous spring formal recruitment. So, if you participated in recruitment but did not join, they have your information. A sorority will also poll its members to get ideas. An officer will announce that the chapter will be conducting COB and will ask if anyone already knows someone who might be interested. For this reason, it is important that you let your sorority friends know that you would be interested in learning more and maybe joining, should they conduct COB. They will also come to the Greek Life Office, where we keep a list of everyone who has declared interest by completing a Continuous Open Bidding Form. Completing an Interest Form will just let sororities know you're interested in case they want to invite you to an event, verify your eligibility, or offer you a bid.