Fraternity Recruitment

Joining an IFC Fraternity
Freshmen men interested in pledging during their first semester should meet as many fraternity members during the summer/early fall and learn about the various activities sponsored by each chapter. The more people you meet in fraternities, the more options are likely to be available to you at the conclusion of the process.

Pledging Information
The education period following recruitment lasts between 5-8 weeks. This time is used for brotherhood development and to teach new members about the history, traditions, structure, management and ritual of the chapter. While it is a serious time commitment, pledging should not interfere with classes or study time. Every chapter has a scholarship program that includes study hours for new members. UNA and every International Greek organization prohibit hazing in any form during this new member education period.

IFC Recruitment Rules
Interested men participating in the recruitment process should be advised of the following rules and guidelines. It is the expectation of the Interfraternity Council and the Office of Greek Life that all student adhere to these policies in order to produce a successful recruitment period.
Undergraduate males with a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or above are eligible to participate in recruitment and receive a bid.
Fall Formal Recruitment/Rush takes place within the first few weeks of September. Chapters will extend invitations for membership (bids) during this designated time.
Fraternities will observe a Dry Recruitment practice. No buying for or supplying alcohol to freshman or to rushees. Actives will not use personal or chapter funds for this purpose.
Transportation of potential new members to off-campus establishments where alcohol is the predominant reason for its existence and which require patrons to be twenty-one (21) years of age is prohibited.
Fraternity members may not pressure potential new members to rush their fraternity exclusively nor commit to one fraternity before Formal Recruitment.
"Hot boxing" or excessive coercion upon a rushee to commit to a fraternity is prohibited.

Interested in IFC Recruitment? 

Contact each Chapter President or Cullen Akin, IFC Vice President for more information.

For more information about signing up for Formal Recruitment,

Register Here.


Final Bid Form

The Final Bid form is to be printed, signed, and returned to the Office of Student Engagement within 48 hours of signing the Bid. The Form must by signed by the new member as well as either the President of the chapter or the VP of Recruitment (Recruitment Chair) of the chapter in order for the form to be valid. The form must also be turned in by only the VP of Recruitment.

Interfraternity Bid Form