Fraternity Recruitment

Joining an IFC Fraternity
Men who wish to join a fraternity at the University of North Alabama have two ways of seeking membership. Traditionally, groups recruit members during the spring and summer prior to their fall semester. The Interfraternity Council holds a formal recruitment during early September. During formal recruitment each prospective new member has a the opportunity to interact with individuals from fraternities and visit their house or chapter as a whole. Formal recruitment gives students who have not yet received a bid from the summer an opportunity to pursue one. Membership for all seven fraternities at UNA can be achieved 365 days of the year.

Pledging Information
Each fraternity on UNA's campus has a new member program that is directly structured from the organization's national headquarters. Typically, the education period following recruitment lasts between 6-8 weeks, however some organizations do not have a new member education period at all. This time can be used for brotherhood development and education for new members about the history, traditions, structure, management and Ritual of the national organization. While it can be a serious time commitment, joining a fraternity should not interfere with classes or study time. Every chapter has a scholarship program that includes study hours, workshops, and grade check ins for new members. UNA and every international and national fraternity prohibit hazing in any form.

IFC Recruitment Rules
Interested men participating in the recruitment process should be advised of the following rules and guidelines. It is the expectation of the Interfraternity Council and the Office of Greek Life that all students adhere to these policies in order to produce a successful recruitment period.

Undergraduate males with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above are eligible to participate in fraternity recruitment. Individual chapters have other requirements for offering invitations of membership. To know more specific and detailed membership information, please contact each chapter individually.

Fall Formal Recruitment takes place within the first few weeks of September. Events include meeting chapter members at "meet and greets" as well as IFC cookouts. Chapters have the opportunity to extend invitations for membership (bids) 365 days of the year, however the primary recruitment period is during the summer leading up to the fall semester.

Alcohol Free Recruitment and New Member Activities
Fraternities will observe a dry recruitment practice, as well as new member activities. No buying for or supplying alcohol to interested students is allowed. Active brothers will not use personal or chapter funds for this purpose. Any event with the purpose and intention of recruiting potential new members is classified as a recruitment event, which falls under remaining alcohol free. Chapters not following this policy could result in judicial and conduct ramifications with IFC and UNA Office of Student Conduct.

NIC Statement of Position on Recruitment
The North-American Interfraternity Conference and its member fraternities believe friendship leads to membership.  To effectively employ that as a strategy, NIC-member fraternities pursue a recruitment model based on an unrestricted, year-round commitment to actively seek prospective members who share a commitment to the fraternal values of scholarship, leadership and service. 

The NIC and member fraternities have long advocated a year-round model of unrestricted recruitment - discouraging campuses and fraternity chapters from recruiting new members during limited times throughout the year and from using the term "rush"  to label a time-specific effort to attract new members to a fraternity chapter. 

Recruitment is the life blood of every chapter, and in addition to year-round opportunities to seek new members the Standards of the NIC state that host institutions and campus IFCs will not prohibit NIC member fraternities from recruiting.  To prohibit a group from recruiting is communicating to the organization that there is no support for the group to improve, grow, or even continue to survive.  The NIC is opposed to this prohibition in ANY and ALL situations.

To encourage effective implementation of, and active engagement in, a year-round recruitment strategy, the NIC and member fraternities provide resources and educational forums for undergraduates and alumni.  The NIC also offers Strategic Consultations on campus, as well as the annual IFC Academy.  Open to any council officer or advisor who wishes to attend, the Academy exists to advance NIC Standards implementation and support both fledgling and veteran councils.

Interested in IFC Recruitment? 

Contact  Heath Lemay, IFC Vice President of Recruitment for more information.

Upcoming Events:
August 27, IFC Flag Football Tournament (3-7pm), Turf Field across from Residence Halls
September 6-9, Formal Recruitment


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