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Welcome to the Student Government Association at the University of North Alabama. This website is designed to provide students with resources and information relating to student life here at UNA. It is the goal of SGA to work everyday to earn students' trust and to serve students with the utmost integrity. Please feel free to contact us anytime. The SGA Offices are located on the first floor of the GUC across from the game room.  


The Mane Idea Campaign:  

The Mane Idea Campaign is a program that allows students to submit their ideas to the Student Government Association with the possibility of the idea being carried out. Each month, the most feasible and unique idea will be chosen and the person who submitted this idea will receive a prize. The idea that wins will be given to the appropriate committee on SGA, and that committee will execute the idea to the best of their ability. The student will be allowed to be as involved in the execution of this idea as he/she wants to be.

  • There is not a limit to how many ideas a student can submit.
  • If an idea does not win the month it was submitted, the person who submitted it may submit it as many times as he/she wants in following months. 
  • A student may only win once per school year. 

We appreciate your input! Thank you so much!

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Building the Pride

What's the most exciting part of being a UNA student today? Could it be the happening college town of Florence that we're located in? Is it the gorgeous campus and it's location near the famous "Singing River" that draws people in? Don't forget our two live mascots, Leo and Una, the coolest mascots in the country! Or could it even be the big name concerts we have each year here on campus? We in SGA believe that the most exciting part of being a student here is the fact that you're a student of a growing campus and community! New construction has become a trademark on our campus and SGA is proud to have a part in many of these projects over the past several years! From the parking deck to the recreation center and even to the Lion's Den Game Room, SGA has gladly left its paw print. 



Our Campus, Love and Lead It

Does SGA matter? We believe it does! Over the years, we have seen too much good accomplished for our school through SGA's work for us not to believe it. Our members possess a deep passion for our campus and it's this passion that drives them to want what's best. Each of us believe that when you love something you lead it. That's why we choose to be leaders. 

Do you share this same passion for our school? Do you see UNA as the 1st class 1st choice type of place that it really is? If so, then we want you, and your fellow students need you to stand up and lead! Be watching and listening for the next opportunity to become a part of SGA! When that time comes, go to Forms and provide us with your info! Roar Lions and we look forward to hearing from you soon! 

We want to hear from you! Simply click the box, leave us your thoughts, ideas, or concerns and we will do our best to address them




The Mission of the Student Government Association is to provide University of North Alabama students with representation, services, advocacy, and to protect and defend the rights and responsibilities of university students. The Student Government Association provides for cultural, social physical, and educational welfare to foster a spirit of unity among students. 



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