SGA Endowed Scholarship

Your SGA began a scholarship fund for students in the 2010-2011 school year. The goal of this group is to raise $25,000 over five years. Once this goal is reached, this scholarship fund will be available for students to take part in. This is one way that SGA feels it is helping and supporting the students on this campus.

So far, the scholarship is on track to reach its goal within the five year frame thanks to donators of the UNA community including faculty, staff, alumni, and students. The SGA Treasurer is in charge of providing events that reach out to the students while also raising funds for this worthwhile program. We have an annual 5k that we host each year, and numerous other fund raising events that put us closer to the $25,000 each semester.

Although we have had many donations, we still need the help of our local community and students as well. By funding this effort, students will benefit greatly. The sooner the goal is reached, the sooner students can begin receiving this scholarship opportunity.

For more information on this scholarship or any of our fund raising events, please contact:

Elizabeth Tyson, SGA Treasurer 2013-2014 at or 256-765-5253 (office)

To donate to this scholarship, please follow this link:


Student Healthcare Endorsement

SGA endorses the company UnitedHealthcare to provide students at our university with quality health insurance during their time as students. Please visit to learn more about signing up for your health care plan!