Family Orientation

Family Orientation is provided for Freshman and Transfer SOAR sessions.  Students will register guests at the same time they register themselves for SOAR.  Family/guests must sign up at least one week prior to attending SOAR.

For Freshman SOAR, family members must arrange hotel accommodations for themselves.  Family Orientation for Freshman SOAR is a full two-day schedule.  The fee is $35 per family/guest member (nonrefundable).  Three guests maximum may attend Freshman SOAR.  Although we welcome children/siblings at SOAR, the day is full of information sessions for parents and guests.  The sessions may seem long and tiring to younger children.

For Transfer SOAR, Family Orientation is a one-day schedule.  The fee is $20 per family/guest member (nonrefundable).  Two guests maximum may attend Transfer SOAR.

Guest Fee for Freshman SOAR - $35 per person
Guest Fee for Transfer SOAR - $20 per person
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Family Orientation Freshman SOAR Schedule
Family Orientation Transfer SOAR Schedule
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