Freshman SOAR

For freshmen starting in the fall semester, two-day SOAR sessions are provided during the summer. Freshmen are required to stay overnight in the residence hall for freshman orientation. The fee is $100 per student (nonrefundable).

NOTE: If a freshman student has attended another institution during high school, he/she must have those official transcripts sent to UNA no later than the week prior to the SOAR session.

Any freshman student who is married, military, adult learner (25 years and over), works full time, and/or has dependents other than a spouse/partner may request to attend one of the Transfer SOAR sessions or the evening mini-session on July 19.  Freshmen must contact 256-765-4223 in order to switch into one of these sessions.  Please call before processing payment so you are not charged the incorrect fee.

Fee:  $100 for student, $35 per guest
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All new students will need to provide Proof of Immunization two weeks prior to attending SOAR. Click here to learn more information.