Congratulations on your acceptance to UNA! To enhance your beginning experience, we offer Student Orientation, Advisement, and Registration (SOAR). SOAR allows you to learn about the University services, resources, and involvement opportunities. You will also participate in academic advising and pre-register for classes. Information will be provided on items such as financial aid, parking decals, meal plans, housing, tuition and more. New students must sign up for an orientation session.

Freshman Orientation
For freshmen starting in the fall semester, two day SOAR sessions are provided during the summer. Freshman are required to stay overnight in the residence hall for freshman orientation. The fee is $75 per student (non-refundable).

NOTE: If a freshman student has attended another institution during high school, they must have those official transcripts sent to UNA no later than the week prior to the SOAR session.

Family Orientation
Family orientation is provided for Freshman Sessions only. Family members must arrange hotel accommodations for themselves. Students will register guests at the same time they register themselves for SOAR. The fee is $25 per family member (non-refundable).   Parents/guests must sign up 2 weeks prior to the SOAR session.
Transfer Orientation
For transfer students starting in the fall semester, transfer orientation is a one day session and does not require staying overnight. Students will register guests at the same time they register themselves for SOAR.  A small program is provided during the afternoon for guests while transfer students are advised and registered in the afternoon.  The fee is $45 per student and $15 per guest (both non-refundable).
ATTENTION Transfer Education Majors:
All University of North Alabama education majors must secure background clearance from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) based on ABI/FBI fingerprints. Background clearance must be secured prior to registering for any courses which include clinical experiences. Click here for directions on obtaining background clearance.  You must take care of this at least two weeks prior to attending Transfer SOAR!

NOTE: SOAR Session Dates are not confirmed for students until payment is received!